Disappointing BusinessToday!

Business Today magazine revoked the free access to its online version. This is rather disappointing and I hope they will correct their mistake soon. This is the last magazine to provide free online access and now, the first one to revoke.

Election Results Day

Today is the election results day of the largest democratic nation in the world.This is the first time I cast my vote after missing it 5 years back.Henceforth I shall vote regularly every 5 years. In 2004 I was in our college canteen by the time results are announced and I clearly remember how pale NCB’s face was.This time I don’t have access to TV and hence relied on internet.

I am very disappointed by this election results. None of predictions were valid. Nevertheless, there are some goodies.I am personally happy that:

[1] At Center, people gave power to at least one single party.Otherwise these regional parties would have been worst nightmare to India as a country.
[2] In state, good that people ditched TRS, PRP , CPI/M etc spoilers. These are the people who dreamt of turning the wheel but were unfortunately crushed by it.Now they know what they are.
[3] People taught good lesson for politicians who shamessly shifted parties.
[4] People taught lesson for a mega star, his brothers and his fans.The show-off they did, Oh My God, horrible.
[5] KCR and his Telangana will have to wait for 5 more years. With 2 MPs and 9 MLAs, there is nothing much he could do.Nobody bothers about him now.Poor KCR.

PS:- The candidate who deserved my vote didn’t manage to get fellow citizens votes.