Change for the good

Though my personal life has always been exciting and satisfactory, I got bored of the happenings in my career. I did not see or do anything new or exciting for the past 2 years. So this year I decided to break the status quo in my career. I should do or experience something different. As of now, it seems something is working out.

I will write about it in detail when it materializes fully.

Got 7 in IELTS.

I attended IELTS on January 23, 2010 ( Listening, Reading and Writing) and January 24, 2010 ( Speaking) at The Lalit Ashok hotel in Bangalore.

I scored 7. I am completely satisfied with my performance. It eased a lot of tension I piled up for 2 weeks worrying about my result. Relieved a lot. I put in about month of moderate effort.

I did not execute well during the two and a half hours of exam. I wasted little time and got tensed because of that and screwed up. Otherwise I could have got even higher score. Anyway, since I got the required score I am not bothered much now.

Silent for so long.

I am aware. I am not blogging frequently. So rather than finding reasons or excuses, let me start at least now.

I always thought that my next phone would be Nokia E 72 or iPhone. I never dream of BlackBerry. But in an unexpected turn of events, I became an owner of BlackBerry. Thanks to my good friend Manju Shyam. She gifted me with an almost new unlocked BlackBerry Curve 8320 Curve Sunset smartphone, last December. December 11, 2009 to be precise.

It is am amazing phone and has all standard smart phone features. 3G is the only thing which is lacking. But 3G is useless at the moment in India. So I have no worries. It has stunning looks, long lasting battery.

The only complaint I have is about its camera. It could have been little better but I know we cant expect better camera in a business phone. So I am living with this limitation.

And another thing that bothers me is not to be able to subscribe to any BlackBerry service. After a lot of trail I understood that GPRS does not work in a BlackBerry. So I had to subscribe to BlackBerry Internet Service. But currently Vodafone is not offering BlackBerry services to prepaid customers like me. Postpaid plans cost a bomb, whether it is BlackBerry service or otherwise. So waiting for Vodafone to start BlackBerry services for prepaid customers like its rival Airtel. Since Airtel started offering BlackBerry services to it’s prepaid customers very recently, I think I can wait for Vodafone to catch up. 299/- INR for unlimited E-mail and IM on BlackBerry is steal. Esp because we can configure upto 10 E-Mail and 10 IM accounts and can open attachments too. Absolutely no cap on E-Mail and IM. We cant access data but. But that is fine.

I still lust iPhone and will own one at appropriate time. Until then, I am happy with my BlackBerry.