Am I alone?

Its not long since I consciously chose to stay alone.Just with myself, no one else.There were days when I was scared so much to stay alone even for very few days when all of my roomies are away for their holidays during my college days.At that time I was well surrounded by so many people but still then I dont know why every single night was like a hell for me.But now the situation is so much different.I am far far away from any of my friends. I am in a place where I dont know anyone except for very few people. To be precise only 2 close pals. And just an year back I used to pray God everyday to take me away from this very same place before any of my friends so that I wont be the last soul who has to stay here without any closest friends. God has been so much kind to me and sent me to bangalore, then my city of dreams.Exactly after 8 months in bangalore having enough of traffic on Hosur road and spending most of the time in Infosys buses whose drivers wont at all get a change to go beyong gear-3 and at work with non-cooperative colleagues I saw no opurtunity to grow there and decided that I wont waste my time there.Thats how I ended up where I am now!

But now I am very grateful to bangalore.It depressed me a lot that staying in trivandrum that too alone turned out to be be nothing when compared to the frustration when I was in bangalore.Now I am alone in a big house.I can do whatever I want, no one to ask, no one to disturb, no one to get disturbed, I can spend as much time as I wish under shower, I can cook whatever I want whenever I want, I can scatter anything anywhere. I can see the channel I wish, listen the song I like. I have the time to contemplate, to study-I still remember how much I was struggled to concentrate in the midst of vociferous TV sound which my discourteous roommate used to watch when I was in bangalore :-(

I couldn’t believe myself is it the same me.Well, now I liked this lonliness so much that sometimes I forget that I am alone and I wish there could be 10 more hours per day.Previously I thought I am an extrovert but now I can be as an introvert too.Never mind the few extra thousands which you have to pay for rent.Those are no match to the freedom you get to do whatever you want.Thanks to the the modern communications. All my closest friends and family are just away from a call or a click.I may be physically alone but my aspirations and my dreams are always there for me to challenge,allure and engage.







2 responses to “Am I alone?”

  1. muser Avatar

    Yeah dude i have looked at the changes youhave made to your life style in these two years Speaking in true sense i always wished to do what youa re doing now.Have the world to yourself where you can do what ever u want .But the simple diff is that my world is different


  2. Rajeev Karwal Avatar
    Rajeev Karwal

    Dear Vivek…Live life by setting a broad vision…don’t other about small things…I am sure you will really achieve true happiness and great contentment in life. Rajeev


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