iPhone 4. A dream, realized.

14 October 2010
Level 15, 92 Albert Street
Auckland, New Zealand

This is the location where a dream I have been dreaming from 2007 January got realized. I have my dream gadget in my hand. In fact my dream has been transcended. I just dreamt about iPhone and I got iPhone 4. I never thought I can put my hands on my own iPhone so early. I just love this device. It is a great companion. I can talk, chat , tweet, blog, surf, capture, read my PDF collection and do lot more stuff from this 3.5″ screen awesome device in style. iPhone will definitely enrich my life and help me become better person than I am now. That’s why I just love my iPhone.

Thanks Jobs for creating this masterpiece. Thanks Infosys for enabling me to access and afford this great piece of engineering.







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