A tribute to a friend called- Theja

Thejaswi Kolla , Theja in short is the lad whose friendship has changed me a lot from the moment I met him in GITAM College circa 6 years back. I feel he is one of the best gifts GITAM had presented to me to be my best friend, critic and inspirer.I am a firm believer of The Power of Association and it is his association that has changed me a lot over these years. I admire his intelligence, values, vision, commitment, his craziness for computer games, his voracious appetite for reading fiction and his self management capabilities a lot.I found dumb-struck when he eneded up as topper in GITAM and rank#2 in Andhra University with exactly 10 days of preparation.Not more not less.No wonder that now he is into one of the best and most sought-after b-schools of India, The IIM-Bangalore.

What I like very much about him are not his achievements and ranks.They are secondary. If character is how we behave when no one is watching us, then I would say that he is best epitome of character.His is very best at managing himself.It is because I was with him, I saved myself from countless number of traps in GITAM be it of any kind.It is his maturity and his point of view on the world that made me mature and helped me improve my view of looking at things.I am what I am because I had him during my most worst of the days with me alarming, criticizing and inspiring.Otherwise Chaitanya now would have been in very undesirable position.Even today I reap the benefits of his friendship in many number of ways.

While he has an array of very admirable and followable personality traits, he too has his own set of irritable habits and he is definitely not Mr Perfect.Nevertheless he was, is and will be my best friend forever.Show me someone who is perfect! Thank you Theja for being there for me.I will be always be grateful to you for everything you have done unto me.







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