Why I die for Businessworld and BusinessToday

BW and BT are the magazines which I die to read.I have been reading them from the past 2 years and hardly I missed any of the issues. I have been reading them voraciously and passionately week in and week out.But the question what many of my friends dont understand is why? whats so special about them. This post is an attempt enlighten them.

The numero uno reason is this:They bring you the best of the English language.The way they present the cover story, the snappy headlines and not to mention the quality of the content and of course the ads too are interesting to me.In short they cater to my learning needs of English. I have learnt so many words, expressions and phrases just because I have been reading them.

And English as such you can learn from any other magazine or book or journal.Why only BW and BT? Here comes the reason #2. Unlike many political and fashion magazines which talk about useless crap about celebrities and politics , they speak about Business which make our economy, the visionary leaders behind them and their global aspirations and ambitions- which is my passion.The Ambanis, Tatas, Birlas, Ruias of Essar, Munjals of Hero Honda, Wadias of Bombay Dyeing, The Singhs of Ranbaxy et al, the upcoming low cost airlines and the vision of the leaders behind them, how they are struggling to tackle competition.They talk about new born entrepreneurs, their starting travails,their wonderful successes.

The prime reason behind what all we have today as a prosperous nation and prosperous individuals is because someone somewhere dreamt too big.In my case it is Mr NR Narayana Murthy.His dream 25 years back is helping me to achieve my dreams today and in turn is giving me confidence to dream even bigger.In fact there are some similarities among us. [1] He dreamt big , I too dream big. [2] He is a son of school teacher, My dad is too a school teacher [3] He is a man of values and I too am. [4] His efforts matches his dreams. Here I stumble :-( have to pick up here. he is way toooo ahead of me :-)

Ok.Enough of levity! My dream is to get featured in any of those magazines someday as a CEO of my own venture.Chaitanya Vivek CEO and MD, Chaitanya Inc. Isn’t that awesome? :-) Lets wait and see…







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