God! Why have you sent me to this earth…

They say- We all come to this earth to fulfill a unique and special purpose in our lives.

I too came to this earth some 23 years back.Then

what is my purpose here?
why am I here?
what am I supposed to do with my so called gifted Life?

Unfortunately these are some of the most difficult questions to answer for anyone.Very few people on this earth know about what exactly they want to do with their lives.Among them even few people like Steve Jobs and Sania Mirza realized it at very early age in their lives.No wonder he is a self-made millionaire at the age of 21.Some people realize that late in their lives.But considering the fact that majority of the people die without even knowing that, they are far better.At least they knew it in their life time.So I have 3 classifications here.[1] Those who realize early in their lives like Sachin Tendulkar, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates,Sania Mirza et al. [2] Then there are many people who realize their purpose when they are half way or so through their lives.Most of the todays entrepreneurs-turned-techies and dotcom millionaires fall under this category. [3] Finally comes very large group of people who even don’t know what they are destined to do in their life time and simply pass away.These people are huge in numbers compared to the first two groups. With all my efforts I want to make sure that I will not end up in category-3.

It’s been 23 years since I am existing here.At different points of time in these 23 years, I found two things which I love to do.First one I found it very early during my adolescent days and second one I found when I was 19 or 20.Until recently I had no clue how to accomplish both of them.

First one is very personal to me and hence am keeping it confidential for now.I will let you know about that later once I completely succeed in that.It’s just a matter of few months before I close it.It’s in very near future.And I am really very very lucky to find that.Though I have written my own script and executed that perfectly, I should attribute some of the credit to luck as well considering the “connecting-dots” philosophy of Steve Jobs.I have been very successful in grabbing the opportunity that was opened up to me.

That is only half of the story.Another half is still pending and as of now I have no clue how I will accomplish that.And that is to become an entrepreneur.This is a very tough job.And my only hope is the confidence I accrue from the success in my first half and my ability to stick to something I desperately want .Lets see what will happen in this dimension as well.

I didn’t have any clue how I accomplish them.If you take the first case , all I had was sheer belief.That’s it.Nothing else.I knew only what.But I didn’t knew how, till recently.But it all happened like a magic.I don’t deny the fact that I have been instrumental in making that happen.I planned it well and executed it very well.And the confidence it gave me is what I want to carry to accomplish my second mission as well.

But for the second mission, it might take some time because as of now I am doing nothing than to simply reading Businessworld and BusinessToday magazines to follow and track the lives and careers of some of the entrepreneurs who were successful, who were not so successful and who were working their guts out to be successful.I don’t know anything about stock markets . My financial aptitude is absolute zero.Nothing I know.But I wanted to become a successful entrepreneur.I just have a dream and belief that I will.

When these both missions were accomplished, that is when I feel my destiny is unfolded, my life is fulfilled and my purpose is realized.

God! as usual please be with me all the times and help me in achieving your objective of sending me to this wonderful planet.







One response to “God! Why have you sent me to this earth…”

  1. Theja Avatar

    Dude.. Good one. Incidentally, I know both your dreamz :DBest of Luck.


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