My Flight Itineraries

Flying, at some point of my life seemed to be a distant dream.Taking the ticket price into account, I could not have afforded until sometime.But thanks to Air Deccan, it made people with average income levels like me to afford flight.

So my first flight was Air Deccan from Cochin to Hyderabad on 4th of November 2006.For that I paid 4000/- . I flew it out of necessity.I flew because I have to meet Sailu in Hyderabad and I have only weekend.

Then I flew SpiceJet from Bangalore to Hyderabad to meet her dad on 26th of January 2007.And I missed the return flight by misinterpreting 0045 hrs as 12:45PM :-(( But this has been a very good learning experience.After this bitter experience, even these days I will verify schedules 1000 times.I did one more mistake by purchasing GoAir one way ticket to Bangalore for 4000/- and again canceling the same , all in hurry.I lost 600 as cancellation charges and got credit note for the balance 3400/-. This is when I understood the meaning of credit note.

Next I flew GoAir from Bangalore to Hyderabad for my marriage shopping on 17th of March 2007 availing the credit note. Then I flew SpiceJet from Bangalore to Hyderabad and Air Deccan from Hyderabad to Rajahmundry on 24th of March 2007 for my marriage.

Finally I flew Air Deccan again to spend my birthday with Sailu in Hyderabad on 15th of June and returned on 18th of June to Bangalore.

I enjoyed all my flights very much. I fly mainly to avoid long travel hours by bus/train. I would rather spend few bucks more to save my travel time.But now I don’t know how long I can continue this.

I liked air travel very much.I enjoyed the feeling of floating in clouds very much.

I have travelled all low cost carriers except Indigo.I don’t think it would be any different from the LCCs I flew.So I am not interested in this.

So here are my next 2 flying dream

[1] Fly Kingfisher and Jet along with Sailu.
[2] Make my parents fly any LCC.

Will definitely realize them soon!







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