Moved to new Home

Just 2 hrs back I shifted everything from my old home to new home again in Electronics City in Bangalore suburb.This new home is also close to office. Just 15 minutes of brisk walk from work.

As Sailu is in Vemagiri, I had to do all alone and I did it finally.Felt very tired.Carried so much of weights to second floor all by myself. Ok. Past is past.Finally it is worth the effort.

What we feel we gained by moving to new home:

  1. This is brand new house and we are the first tenants.
  2. Looks better than old house in terms of flooring , fittings and other finishings.
  3. No need to walk on the muddy road.
  4. 24 hrs water supply.
  5. Water flows in kitchen sink tap unlike in old house.
  6. Bigger kitchen and bath room.
  7. One wash basin is provided in the hall.

Our previous home has none of the above comforts.So we thought its worth spending 250/- more for rent and 5K ( total 15K advance) more as advance.

Till yesterday I was worrying if I could do this today.So at last its past now and next challenge is to finish the Trivandrum trip successfully. I already fixed appointments with the doctor and parcel agent.Once I finish that trip too I can rest for sometime and concentrate again on other important things.

More about the trip once I come back on Monday.







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