Caught by Squad!

Friday, 26th October 2007, 1720 hrs
Bangalore City Railway Station.

Sailu has to catch Kachiguda Express.I have one Five rupee coin, one old Two rupee coin and two new One rupee coins in my wallet.Any combination of these coins will not please Platform Ticket Vending Machine to dispense one ticket for me.So I went to the counter, saw the serpentine queue and took chance! Sailu warned me. But I ignored her advice.

We both entered the Platform-1 took left and headed to over bridge to reach Platform-3.Climbed on to it. Saw a Ticket Examiner but ignored him as he is at the exit and I am not going towards him.

“Ticket Sir”, a female voice of a Railway Squad member.

Result : Paid 250/- as fine.
Lesson: Never take chance.







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