Election Results Day

Today is the election results day of the largest democratic nation in the world.This is the first time I cast my vote after missing it 5 years back.Henceforth I shall vote regularly every 5 years. In 2004 I was in our college canteen by the time results are announced and I clearly remember how pale NCB’s face was.This time I don’t have access to TV and hence relied on internet.

I am very disappointed by this election results. None of predictions were valid. Nevertheless, there are some goodies.I am personally happy that:

[1] At Center, people gave power to at least one single party.Otherwise these regional parties would have been worst nightmare to India as a country.
[2] In state, good that people ditched TRS, PRP , CPI/M etc spoilers. These are the people who dreamt of turning the wheel but were unfortunately crushed by it.Now they know what they are.
[3] People taught good lesson for politicians who shamessly shifted parties.
[4] People taught lesson for a mega star, his brothers and his fans.The show-off they did, Oh My God, horrible.
[5] KCR and his Telangana will have to wait for 5 more years. With 2 MPs and 9 MLAs, there is nothing much he could do.Nobody bothers about him now.Poor KCR.

PS:- The candidate who deserved my vote didn’t manage to get fellow citizens votes.







What do you think?

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