Fellow blogger in my office introduced me to i-HOT. It is a good solution. It is a great solution to get hot water in “green” way.However, after a little research and getting feedback from one of my colleague who is already using it, I decided not to use it. Here is why:

(a) The overhead tank which is input to the i-HOT is not owned by me alone. Neither the terrace where I have to put the solar panel. Imagine everybody connecting their own small tanks to overhead tank and cluttering the terrace with panels. Not a good idea.

(b) The total cost of ownership is comparable to traditional solution. Also monthly bill is at least 180/-

(c) Since the equipment has to be fitted in open air on terrace which is not private, its exposure to risk of getting damaged is more which could mean more maintenance.

So at this point of time I decided to go with energy efficient water heater like Rackold. But i-HOT is a good solution for individual houses and I shall use it when I own one in days ahead.

What do you think?

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