Howdy WordPress!

I started blogging about 5 years back to improve my writing skills and share my thoughts and ideas with world.

I did not write too many posts but always provided just enough oxygen to keep my blog alive. As a Google fanatic, my natural choice was but over the years I noticed that lacked innovation. Couple of years back I discovered WordPress and I am just impressed with it. It’s very easy to use wordpress. It has super cool themes and tools like blogs importer. So all I have to do to migrate my blogger blog to wordpress is to hit “import” button.

I still retained my 2 blogger blogs though I stopped updating them.  Time is limited and precious, so got rid of them and focus my efforts on cultivating just this blog.

Probably I need to buy a domain later and get rid of suffix from the URL of my blogs.  Finally, I became the master of my own domain since 10/July/2013. Yay!

It is always fun to read archives of my own blogs.







What do you think?

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