The Next iPad

I had to let go of 4 iPads.

iPad 1 was too basic to justify the cost. I almost bought iPad 2 if not for the lack of retina display.  iPad 3 sported a retina display but my funds were engaged elsewhere. I exercised a bit of delayed gratification with iPad 4.

I think that’s enough of delay before gratification so I can’t wait more for next iPad. So when I saw a tweet pointing to this story on All Things D, I was delighted.  I am hopeful that Apple will host an iPad event in next few weeks.

Besides being thinner, lighter and faster than current iPad, I expect Apple will port some of the flagship features of iPhone 5S into next generation iPad. I am specifically hoping for Touch ID , 64-bit chip architecture and  better lenses on front and rear. And not to mention, iWork, iPhoto and iMovie which are free on all new iOS devices. This feature lineup sounds very exciting. There has never been a better time to own an iPad.







What do you think?

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